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Why We Love Manzanillo . . .
February 12, 2017

We recently purchased a condominium in Manzanillo, Mexico and would like to share the experience we had with real estate agent Lori Muirhead. From the beginning she was wonderful, answering any questions and patiently showing us our options. After we found our property she spent a great deal of time helping us through the buying process. Buying a property in a foreign country can be really scary and Lori took the fear out of buying a property in Mexico.

Lori represents the very best of what you would expect in a real estate agent. She is friendly, honest, responsible and reliable. We were very fortunate to find an agent who truly cares about her clients and is willing to go that "extra mile" to make sure the purchase experience is a good one.

We strongly recommend that anyone considering purchasing a home in Mexico use Lori Muirhead.

John & Jan Sadusky
Minneapolis, MN

We highly recommend Lori for all your real estate needs in the
Manzanillo area. Her knowledge and love for the area make her a pleasure
the work with. The leg work she did for us allowed us to glide through
the process regardless if we were in or out of Mexico. We were able to
purchase a property in our limited price range which has become a
pleasure to own and an excellent investment.

Rob & Midori
Vancouver, B.C.

My husband, Fernando and I were researching properties in Manzanillo last year. We wanted to find a place we could use for our own vacations and also to rent out to others wishing to vacation there. This plan was to increase our income for eventual retirement, while providing us with a place to bring our family that is in a safe, beautiful location. I emailed a few potential realtors who had listings in the area we were interested in. The first person to call was Lori Muirhead; she was not only very knowledgeable about the area and the properties listed, but very friendly and helpful from the initial call forward. We visited Manzanillo a few months later and she showed us some properties, worked with us on a possible renovation of one of the properties we were interested in and even brought us to locations where the contractor had done previous work. She was honest and forthright with all of the details involved in purchasing a property in Mexico, which can be quite involved and frustrating without prior knowledge of the methods used in another country.

The initial property that we looked at didn't work out for our plan to rent to vacationers, but Lori kept on looking for us when we left Manzanillo and returned home. When she found one that fit our criteria, she willingly showed it to our friends who live there and allowed them to fully inspect the property. She sent us photos and details of the condominium complex and we decided on that property.

The purchase went very smoothly and we are thrilled with our beach front, very well maintained complex. Our condominium fits our needs perfectly and we are so glad that we got to work with Lori.

Not only did she drive us around Manzanillo to see things pertaining to our purchasing of a condominium, she offered to take us to the airport! On our next trip down to stay in Manzanillo, we were able to have a very nice visit with Lori and Brenda for a little while at our condo by the pool, enjoying some tequila and fishing stories. Lori goes out of her way for her clients, not only to create a good working relationship - but lifelong friends.

Mary Reyes


Candy is a pleasure to deal with! I recently sold my condo in Manzanillo and as I live in Canada and was unable to travel to Mexico during this time she made sure everything was organized and completed so there was no need for me to physically be there. Candy always responded promptly to any questions I had and went out of her way to settle other arrangements such as condo fees. I appreciate Candy’s use of social media to showcase her properties and her keen interest in going the extra mile in advertising in ways that other realtors may not. (The YouTube video of the property was great and really highlighted everything it had to offer.) Thanks Candy!

April Cantafio
Edmonton, Canada



Candy King is absolutely wonderful at her profession. Very helpful and giving... We were treated very nice and she answered all our questions...

She showed us the area and introduced us to many local people... No hesitation to show us as many homes as we wanted... Very pleased we chose her to find our home in Manzanillo... We recommend her highly, you will not be disappointed...

Ernie Sargent



Hi Candy,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how impressed we were with Manuel, and Dan of course.

The level of professionalism in your company is just the best we've ever experienced. I've owned and sold more than 20 homes and never have I been so impressed. If anyone can sell our little piece of paradise we think it's you. (How's that for pressure eh!) When you complete all the pics and droning coverage, please forward me a final copy, and we'll send it out to all of our contacts...

Thanks again.



To Whom It May Concern

Recently Candy King of Candy King Realty sold my house in Manzanillo, Mexico. I live four hours away in Chapala and Candy personally arranged for my house cleaned and the yard made ready for the sale. She handled the sale with professionalism and speed.

I would recommend Candy and her office to any and all.

Thank you for your kindness in answering all my questions and for your gracious demeanor.

Sharon Alexander Ottsman

March 2015

Candy — Yes, finally! Thank you so much for all of your help. We really appreciate everything. Great job!

Rocky Mountain Law Group LLC
Beverly L. Edwards
Aurora, CO
Hi Candy,

Jenny and I want to thank you again for all of your help with our purchase of our home in Manzanillo. We love our home and Manzanillo. You were great to work with; extremely knowledgeable about Manzanillo and its real estate market and the specifics of purchasing a property in Mexico, We so appreciated your attention to every detail involved and can say that the entire process seemed so simple with your guidance. Everyone in your office was helpful, friendly, patient, and extremely competent. We appreciate your friendship and I look forward to a golf game with you in the near future.

Scott Brunk
Dear Mrs. King (Candy):

As you know we just closed (took ownership of) the condo In Manzanillo (condominio Palamar in Las Brisas) and wanted you to know how much we appreciated your involvement in the process.

From the moment we informed you that we were interested in finding a vacation home, our budget and requirements you worked with us, showed us the sights and sounds of Manzanillo and found exactly what we wanted. There was absolutely no pressure, you answered a mountain of questions without hesitation and worked the paperwork.
It was very difficult for us, living in the United States, not speaking Spanish, and not being in Mexico for the majority of the "closing" -- you kept us informed in a most professional manner, made several in-person trips to the notary on our behalf, and worked through the process in a most timely manner.

I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated, definitely you are the real estate professional of choice and I look forward to crossing your path again.

Most Sincerely,
William J. Bagley, Boeing retiree, Seattle, Washington
June 2014

Well Candy, it looks as though it has come to thank you time. B-6 has been in our family for 40 years, and we have so many fond memories that will remain with us forever. Now, though, like with most things, it is time for change, and on behalf of Lauri, my brothers, my sister-in-law, and, of course, me, I want to thank you so very much for all of the fine work that you have done with the sale. I hope that Ric and Billy enjoy B-6 as much as our family has for all of these years.

Scott Vaughn
July 2012

We are from California and have loved visiting Mexico. Recently we decided it was time to buy a place for vacations and possibly to rent to others. Candy King was prompt to respond to my inquiry. From the time we started correspondence to the end of the sale, Candy was reliable and professional. When we arrived in Manzanillo, she picked us up at the airport, had a rental available, took us shopping and sight-seeing and out to eat. She went over and beyond her real-estate role and is now a true friend. I would HIGHLY recommend Candy for all your real estate needs.
Candy King Real Estate
David and Debra Theis
Janesville, CA

July 2011

Working with Candy King was outstanding. She completely understood our fears about the buying process in Mexico and held our hands completely through it. Her honesty, integrity, diligence and attention to the details were superlative and because of her we could sleep at night knowing even though we were here in Canada and doing the deal long distance, we had a friend and a professional right there who had our backs and ensured our money and ultimately new property was correctly and thoroughly handled. I am a real estate agent here in Alberta and I couldn't give a higher endorsement of Candy King. Rest easy, you are in the best of hands when you deal with Candy.  

Camilla Labine,
St. Albert, Alberta 780-264-8300


April 2011

I would like to thank Candy King and her team for a job well done. Candy has been a superb real estate agent. Since I do not live in Manzanillo my real estate experience with Candy was mostly by email. She kept good communication and informed me every step of the way since I could not be there for the sale or closing. Her expertise to take care of all the information and forma needed to complete and close the sale of my condo surpassed my expectations. I truly would recommend Candy to anyone looking to purchase or sell property in Manzanillo, Mexico.

Bev Green
Seattle, WA


October 2010


We were the lucky ones to catch the 9'5" blue marlin. Last Saturday I hired Hector Rodriguez to take the 4 of us fishing in the Vanessa vessel. We left at 3pm and returned at 8pm. During that time we caught 4 yellow fin tuna and then finished off catching the fish of my dreams, that being a 9'5" blue marlin weighing 400 lbs. After a strenuous fight I was victorious and landed my fishing dream. I am attaching several pictures and cannot say enough of Manzanillo, Hector, scenery, and the friendships we have made. Thank God for bringing us to the promised land. All our love Gary and Cil Tasker. Hector Rodriguez (Vanessa) Tel 314-35-37231.

Thank you to Candy and Dan Allnoch.

Click here to see Blue Marlin.


August 2009

Hi Candy,

The flights were just as they were supposed to be, and went well, thanks.

It was nice to meet you too and also we found Pepe to be especially supportive and available - we really appreciated his help and the support of the rest of your staff as well.

We also appreciate the timely responses and dealings with the sellers – Debra and Candy, and look forward to a smooth completion all around. And thanks to you too, for your experience, information and support.

We have been working on purchasing a place in Mexico for almost three years so it is very nice to have found the ‘right’ place in all respects. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any future dealings for yourself and Pepe.

Steve and Canela Michelle


March 26th, 2009

Hi Candy,

I would like to take a few moments to thank you once again for your help in allowing Brad and I to purchase our home relatively hassle free. Your prompt replies to all emails, your patience with my endless (and sometimes inane...) enquiries and your overall professionalism made this seem more of an adventure then a business transaction.

And thanks also to Marie. She did more than she had to and always with a smile.
In fact, all the staff we met at the office were great. From offering their phones, copiers to coffee, this is a well run, friendly but efficient workplace. You should all be proud.

Thanks again from the happy Canucks!
Marg and Brad

February 2008

We recently bought an oceanfront condo in Salagua, Manzanillo. Our realtor was Lori Muirhead. Lori is originally from Victoria, BC; which gave us an edge, dealing with someone who speaks fluent English and could translate.

Anyone who has purchased property in a foreign country knows that the process is usually quite different from what we are used to in Canada or the U.S. It can be very frustrating, waiting for documentation. Lori was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in Mexican laws regarding foreign purchase of land. She always made herself available through phone calls and email; answering questions and solving problems in a prompt and efficient manner. We felt she was very honest with us; telling us the good, as well as the bad about properties we were considering.

We feel that Lori provided a courteous, knowledgeable and efficient atmosphere for her clientele interested in Manzanillo. We would not hesitate to purchase another property through Lori; or to recommend her to others.

Craig & Mary-Jean Berke
Edmonton, Alberta

Hola Amigo,

Well, I arrived back home safe and sound. Leaves are off the trees and you can see your breath. Yes, it's that cold. Please remind me again why I came back to Saskatchewan in October. My family's love was very warm tho!!

I wanted to again say Thank You for making the purchase of our home very painless and actually most enjoyable. I am including Carole's name, as she was "with me" the whole time. We hope other people will have the opportunity to experience Paradise. To that end, I am pleased to provide a Testimonial to you and your Company, as follows: 

My wife Carole and I had been considering a home in Manzanillo, Mexico, for some time. Being from Western Canada, where the weather starts to turn in October and stays cold until April, we felt it was time to search out Paradise. We found it in Manzanillo. Fortunately, we established contact with (2) very fine and knowledgeable Sales  Professionals, Mr. Hugo Castillo and Mr. Jose Rojo. Buying property in a foreign country can be concerning due to language, laws, and location unfamiliarity. Both of these Sales Associates, first of all, speak very good English. They provided a smooth and painless purchase process, giving us 110% of their time. Our adventure started with Mr. Castillo (who at the time was on vacation, but still took the time to continue helping us), provided much of the needed information, pricing negotiation, and preliminary arrival (in Manzanillo), information. Once we arrived in Manzanillo, Mr. Rojo organized a complete schedule to get the sale completed in a timely and efficient manner. Pain Free. We highly recommend both Hugo Castillo and Jose Rojo to anyone considering a home or property in the Manzanillo area. You will not be disappointed.

Thanks again fellows, see you in Nov/Dec.
Best Regards,
Al Goodmundson


Hi Candy,

We would just like to thank you for your dedicated effort you put in to sell our condo in Manzanillo. We are very pleased with your team of realtors. Please post our comments on your web site:  Candy King our agent has many years experience as a realtor in Mexico.  We listed our Condo in the spring and was sold by June 2 with a closing of August 31.  We actually closed early on Aug 22.  All the procedures were handled in timely and professional manner,including your finding us the best possible rate of exchange for the proceeds of the sale.   

We found your company to be reliable,trustworthy and efficient and would not hesitate using you services for any further real estate transactions.

Thank you
Gloria Espersen & Don Morgan


April 2008

Where in Manzanillo can you find a trustworthy, friendly person to help you purchase your dream property? Just go to and click on the name Candy King.

Candy patiently took us to many Manzanillo properties last June. When we found our little piece of paradise, she expertly guided us through the Mexican real estate purchasing process. During those months, Candy was always accessible to answer our many questions and, at times, to verbally hold our hands.

In the time since the sale has been completed, she has taken us under her wing by helping us find a reputable architect, showing us where to pay our land taxes, and, most importantly, befriending us as future neighbors.

We will be moving to Manzanillo soon. Thanks to Candy and her wonderful husband Dan, we feel comfortable and excited about our move to our new hometown.

Pat & Eddie Talasy


Our dream for a long time had been to retire to a community outside of the US, one with beautiful water views, coast line, skyline and character. We also wanted a community that was more than just a tourist town and one that was safe and friendly. Our search took us to many places and when we happened onto Manzanillo we knew we had found our retirement community, but for our dream to be complete we needed a real estate agent.

We did not know one person or contact in Manzanillo when we booked our hotel room with Lisa at Hotel La Posada. When Lisa learned that the sole purpose of our trip was to buy a home for our retirements, she recommended "Candy King." You promptly answered our emails and based on our preliminary requirements, you asked us all of the right questions. We could tell that you were focusing in on what we really wanted.

Because our booking conflicted with your trip to the States, you introduced us to your associate, Hugo, who showed us properties, until you returned. Just like you, Hugo was very accommodating and patient with us. We are extremely fortunate to have you as our real estate agent and friend.

Thank you for helping us complete our dream.

Craig and Steven


Hi Candy:

We just wanted to thank you for your services in selling Lot B-25 for us.

Not only was the sale handled professionally, we were amazed at how expeditiously the paperwork was completed. Having dealt with real estate in Mexico before, we are well aware of how slow some of these transactions can be.

Thank you for a job well done. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone wishing to use a real estate agent here in Manzanillo.

Sincerely, Tony & Glenna



Con el gusto de saludarte y agradecerte una vez mas tus atenciones y Profesionalismo, creo qué más de un Propietario me va a solicitar tus datos en cúanto se enteren de la venta de mi departamento, Quieres y me autorizas a darlos cuando me los pidan? Saludos.



I highly recommend Candy King for any real estate needs in Manzanillo.  Candy has helped us in purchasing two properties and we have contracted her services again. Candy is very ethical, honest, and trustworthy and ensures that all transactions, from purchase agreement to closing, are done properly, efficiently and completed in a timely manner.

Keith & Chris Capehart

To anyone interested in buying or selling property! Candy King was the greatest, I would highly recommend her. She sold my condo fast and painlessly for me. She is efficient and most important in Mexico, does what she says and when she says it. I have bought and sold numerous properties and this was the best experience I have ever had.

Linda Williams


June 2008

We recently completed our purchase of a sea-side condominium in beautiful Manzanillo.  Our transaction was handled with Candy King acting as our Broker.

Steve Stout was the who helped screen properties of interest and who tirelessly drove us all over Manzanillo to look at prospects.  Once we had found the one we wanted, Steve patiently accompanied us through the offer/counter-offer/acceptance process while maintaining a sense of humor and positive attitude.  When closing time finally arrived, Steve once again patiently stood by us as the purchase process slowly concluded.

We appreciate very much the help that Steve provided us in making our purchase and are very pleased to have met this man whom we now call our friend.  As a realtor, what Steve lacks in experience, he more than makes up for with enthusiasm, and his very positive and friendly personality.  He was consistently very open and honest, always on time and extremely attentive to our needs.  Due to his considerable contribution to the Rotary Club and a local orphanage and his membership at the golf course, Steve is very well known and respected throughout the English speaking community in Manzanillo.

We wholeheartedly recommend Steve Stout’s realty services to anyone looking to buy in Manzanillo.  With the support of a very experienced team, Steve is in a position to ably manage any real estate transaction.

Joe and Pam Ball


Jim Grass
Las Hadas Peninsula


As you know, I have been involved in buying, building and selling my own house in Mexico and realize what all is ahead of purchasing another place.

I want to thank you for making this last purchase of my condo at El Faro such a wonderful, effortless experience. You are a true professional and I enjoyed sharing that time with you.

Once again, thank you,

Jim Grass


Tracey Hayward
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Candy,

I write to thank you for your outstanding help before, during and after the purchase of my new second home in Manzanillo.

I totally relied on your honesty and professionalism throughout, especially as I was unable to visit and view the apartment for myself before completing the purchase in May.

Your reports and photos were accurate and without bias, and when I first saw my sunshine retreat in June, it was even better than both you and the pictures had told me.

Your liaison with all parties involved in the transaction was also invaluable, as I am not a Spanish speaker (yet). Thank you very much for providing all the documentation in English as well as Spanish; your patience and attention to detail made me feel confident and un-rushed.

I would also like to thank you for your attention during my visit. Introducing me to other “ex-pats” and providing me with great contact info for trades, services and much more made me feel welcome and at ease at all times.

You are a credit to your profession, and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking to buy their own little piece of Mexican heaven without hesitation.

Thank you again for everything.

Kindest Regards




I have returned a 2nd time to check out La Paz and have decided that is where I will transplant myself. I want to thank you for the time you spent with me in November and for your knowledgeable council. While I may not be moving to Manzanillo lots of others will be. I will most enthusiastically recommend you to anyone I know headed in your direction.

Phil Shallat


My second trip to Manzanillo

In 1959 (the year I graduated from High School), my parents thought it would be a fine idea if I experienced a new culture.  Therefore, I was entered into an exchange student program and lived with a lovely family in Guadalajara.  One weekend, a group of us went to Manzanillo for a beach weekend.  The thoughts of returning to Manzanillo stayed with me throughout my adult life.

My wife and I scheduled a cruise that stopped in Manzanillo.  We looked on the internet for Real Estate brokers in Manzanillo, and were referred to Candy King.  Candy met us and we spent a wonderful day looking at properties that suited our needs. My wife and I were extremely impressed with her knowledge of the real estate market in Manzanillo.  We ended up buying a beautiful townhouse in Condominio Pelicanos.

Candy exhibited the utmost professionalism in dealing with the seller, transfer agent, and all of the other individuals involved in the buying process.  Sandie and I want to personally thank you for all your time and effort in making our dreams of owning a home in Manzanillo come true.

David & Sandie Erickson



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